A new track “Сaterpillar” featuring Eminem will be released on May 4 on Royce 5'9’s studio album “Book Of Ryan”

In an interview with RapUpTV Royce 5’9 announced that on his forthcoming album “Book Of Ryan” will be a collaboration with Eminem.

Royce 5’9: “We worked on a song called “Сaterpillar”. It was basically a song that I had, that I had him in mind… You know, the basic theme of the song is just: Don’t disrespect the caterpillar, then praise the butterfly. You know what I mean, and Marshall falls a little more into that category than I do, both of us aren’t catterpillars, you know.. A lot of times, you praise these guys and you gotta tear us down, you gonn tear me down, but yo, you praise this guy to tear me down, but where you think his style came from? And that’s where we were just lirycal, competitive, just taking it there…”