Last year celebration of the 20th anniversary of Eminem’s label Shady Records could have had resulted in a new record.

It became apparent when Mike Saputo, an artist behind many Eminem’s album covers including the most recent “Music To Be Murdered By”, shared his concepts for anniversary art and logos.

On his Instagram account Mike Saputo wrote:

So sometime last year, we started working on some things to celebrate Shady’s 20th. I worked up a ton of logos and other assets for it. Ended up the project never made it to the light of day unfortunately. So I was left with a whole bunch of stuff I thought came out pretty good, but nowhere to use it. Such is the design life. Here’s a first batch of just some of the stuff I did, there was a ton. I am particularly fond of the Deadpool-esque logo done of Skam’s mummy from SSLP, with the bandages forming an XX. @shadyrecords @eminem #shadyxx #shady #logo


It looks early familiar to what was done for the 15th label anniversary when Eminem recorded a bunch of new stuff together with other label artists. Probably, the work on the then-upcoming release of “Music To Be Murdered By” got in the way or some other reasons we will hardly learn, but the project has never taken off.

That’s a pity as it would be an excellent indicator of what the label does over the years, how it evolves and changes, staying true to its heart and relevant to current times.

So let’s just listen to ShadyXV compilation below, to remember how it was five years ago:

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