Skylar Grey Explained Her Recent Posts About Eminem

The last week was full of excitement and anticipation for any news from Eminem. Skylar Grey’s Instagram added a lot of material to speculate about, provoking a mass hope for a release drop.

When it did not happen fans complained that she teased them and Skylar decided to explain her standings. She never meant to tease, it is just a chain of events in her life that fans took out of context and interpreted to fit their needs.

This is what Skylar posted on her Instagram stories:

You think I know when he’s putting out an album? I’m as clueless as you. Dont’ read into any of my posts… the truth is I got a box of Eminem merch in the mail earlier this week so I’ve been wearing it. Then I realized I don’t follow em on insta so I did… and I saw that boner dollar and thought it was funny. Then I noticed the news with numb nuts dissing my boy and I felt the urge to make it clear that I got his back. End of story. 🙏for a new album tho!

You and us all, Skylar.