The latest episode of “Crook’s Corner” presented an over an hour-long deep conversation of two lyrical masters who cherish the time they spent together in Slaughterhouse.

Joell Ortiz and Crooked just released a skilfully executed record “H.A.R.D.” but apparently they miss the feeling of friendly competition that was consistently pushing them further when all four Slaughterhouse members worked together.

Crook asked Joell directly about the possibility of another Slaughterhouse album. Ortiz answered with a slight hesitation that only emphasised that he gave it a thought:

Yeah. We have more. We are not done. So much music was supposed to come out of us four. I know that in my soul, in my spirit. It’s the reason the conversation’s never stopped. I do my homework on the music business as an artist, I cannot do what I’m doing as an artist and studying the business. I pay attention to brands. That Slaughterhouse brand, man. It means something to these people. I can do no solo stuff without being asked about that brand. Not that I’d like to escape it, because it is not what it is, but what you snap pack to your solo form you take your solo form. And you expect things to be aligned with that. That Slaughterhouse ship interrupts any solo, man. I listen to our old music, I listen to “Glass House”, there are still gems on that!

Crook understands what Joell is saying. The mysterious “Glass House”, the Slaughterhouse album that was recorded but never released is haunting dreams of fans around the world. But would it be enough to just put it out in the world or would Joell add something new to it? Or maybe, asks Crook, it would be better to record absolutely new stuff? However much Ortiz likes what they did together back then, he would like to come back to the studio with the old friend, admits MC:

I‘d like to get to the studio as four and then ask this question again. We always answer this question apart. I wanna get around my niggas again. That was a part of my life when y’all were my brothers. We did everything together. We ate together, we rehearsed together, we toured together, we talked about life together, we cried together. We did it all together! We were brothers. I need to get around my brothers one more time, talk for a little bit and then see how we feel. That’s one thing I want to put out to the universe. I want that to happen. I need us to be in there, all four minds and all four people connected.

Ain’t we all, Joell.

Watch this conversation below:

Full Episode:


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