Cub CookUpBoss issued a new edition of his joint album with Catfish Billy (the alter ego of Yelawolf) “Slumtrap EP” on his own record label ShifeLife Records.

Significant changes in the track-list have been made for this new release. The number of tracks expanded to eight positions, but only three tracks from the first edition made it to this version – “You & Me”, “Muddy Waters” and “Sauce”. However, the new release parades the impressive range of new collaborators with the most notable features of Upchurch and Ritz.

Check out the cover art, tracklist and stream the album below:

1. Catfish Billy speaks
2. Shotz (Slum Mafia) feat. Moptop
3. You & Me (feat.Kris flair)
4. Take it There (feat. Bubba Sparks)
5. No Hall Pass (feat. Upchurch)
6. Never coming down (feat. Rittz)
7. Muddy Watters (feat. Kris flair)
8. Sauce