Thanks to Eminem, “Stan” is now a word in the Oxford dictionary

Actor Devon Sawa has a long career but none of his roles has had the same impact as a short appearance in Eminem’s music video that changed the English dictionary.

In a music video for a single off “The Marshall Mathers LP” Sawa brought to life a desperate blond who embodied obsessions and insecurities of an entire generation, those that the next generation has become insensitive to. The actor knows how important his part was and still feels connected to it and to Eminem’s music. He follows all new developments of Marshall’s ever-adventurous career, often providing witty commentary on social media.

But this time he was sincere and open in his sentimentality:

For me, one of the few projects that felt like I won the lottery to be a small part of. For a few days on “Stan”, I was surrounded by some of the best in the business and I still feel extremely grateful. Thanks Em