Dr. Dre and Eminem 1999

The son of the convicted felon who once was in charge of Death Row Records usually gets to news when he states that 2Pac is alive and recording new music. Now, after his father was featured on Nick Cannon’s Eminem diss, Knight Jr. decided to share his invaluable opinion about Eminem and his music on social media.

On his Instagram he wrote: “All my life I never heard nobody and I mean nobody ever say ‘Play that Eminem song”.

If you think that this acute observation cannot really be used as an argument, it means you did not see his other posts. His level of critique have not changed since he was in second grade. His go-to insult to Eminem is: “This guy fucking sucks”.

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This guy fucking sucks.

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Too bad he has to post about Eminem several times a day now in hope that somebody will notice. He even went as far as stating that without his farther we would not have Dr. Dre.