The most successful independent rapper of all time Tech N9ne is in business since 1991 and he has seen it all. He is good at recording short videos for his followers and in his recent one he pounders on the culture vulture discourse saying exactly that:

I was raised on music. All types of music. First was gospel. Rap smacked me. Then RnB. Blues. Jazz. Then fucking rock. So I was influenced by music that I was raised on. […] I’m just doing music that I love and feel. And not only I do hip hop shows, I do hard rock shows and festivals and shit too. I can open up for Kanye and 2 Chainz and the next day I do Nut Fest. I have done it. In that order. So if you see me at rock shows and know my base is in hip hop, does it make me a culture vulture? No. So what the fuck are you saying about Eminem then? Like you didn’t grow up listening to hip hop!

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