The former member of G-Unit told in his interview that 50 Cent and he have numerous collaborative records that have never been released.

The relationship between the two rappers was not always difficult. 50 Cent helped The Game to record his first Aftermath studio album “The Documentary”. The Game still remembers their sessions as magical and even despite the fact that he seriously messed things up when he was kicked out of G-Unit, The Game is ready to speculate about getting back together. During the latest episode of Uproxx’s People’s Party he was asked about their possible reunion and explained to the host:

I would entertain it. I would do it for the sake of cats who want to hear it, who want to see it, who relish in that moment that me and 50 had. If me and 50 never had beef, we would have been billionaires by now. Me and him in a studio by ourselves was A, B, C, D, E, F, G. He knew what to do, I knew what to do, we put our voices together and that shit made magic. I got songs with me and 50 on hard drives at my house that are timeless. 50, he move a little different. Even though he forgives, he don’t forget. I really fucked up G-Unit clothing, the record company, the whole shit. I put G-Unit in flames… He didn’t like that.

Watch this segment below: