You would have to be the most negative Eminem fan if by now you still don’t believe he is working on a project. Just incase you are in that mindset let me show you a little timeline.

28 Aug 2019:

Following Lord Jamar’s comments to Vlad TV calling Eminem a “Culture Vulture” we believe this tweet by Em is aimed at him and possibly others. The indication fans got from this was a possible Diss track in the works. Producer Fredwreck was in Detroit days after the tweet and uploaded a pic & fellow producer Illa also teased fans with the cryptic Em tweet.

17 September:
50 Cent paid a visit to Kev & Dj Hed on Real 92.3 were he spoke about all things power. He did have time to tell the guys that Em had sent him over a song. 50 said “He’s sent me a record now, Thats what I’m doing with him now or sooner”.

18 September:
Mr Porter then uploaded a pic onto Instagram with Hopsin with the caption “You looking at a problem” That word again “Problem” coming up. Could it me the title of a project or single?

The exact same day Big Boy of Power 106 let fans know that he was in the studio with Dre and he played him A track featuring Dre & Em. He said ” I don’t want to say too much as its still premature but what their coming with is fire”.
Dr. Dre and Big Boys Neighborhood 18.09.2019 in the Studio

If by now you don’t think Eminem is up to anything then I can’t give you anymore. The evidence is there to see. Music by the man himself is coming and judging by when MMLP2 came out (Nov 2013) Shady XV (Nov 2014) Revival (Dec 2017) I would say if a Project was to come out then Nov/Dec this year could be the months to release it.

Studio Album:
In my own opinion i can’t see Em releasing 3 studio albums consecutively. We did well getting Revival in 2017 and Kamikaze in 2018 but a Solo album in 2019 is asking too much. I could be wrong but i don’t see it.

Bad Meets Evil 2:
There were small rumours going around at the start of the year about this. Royce himself had confirmed himself and Em have music in the vault but is it enough for a EP or Album? Only time will tell on this but the fact Dr. Dre and 50 Cent have rumoured involvement in tracks with Em suggests it might not be a BME project he’s working on.

Eminem Presents: Shady XX:
This could be the one. Hopsin spotted in the studio with Mr Porter, Dr. Dre and Eminem music according to Big Boy as well as 50 confirming music with Em himself. It wouldn’t be a massive shock if a Shady XX compilation album (similar to Shady XV) was to come out featuring those named and maybe more. Shady Records is celebrating 20 years after all. A massive achievement for the label and a perfect way to celebrate and collaborate with Dre & 50. Both who are friends with Em professionally and socially.

Finally to add I do think we will get something before Xmas. The Shady XX thing sticks out for me. They did it 5 years ago for Shady XV I think a XX album could be amazing.