Don Toliver is the new artist whose rise to fame is fast and well deserved. One of the steps on his ascend is the collaboration with Eminem on his recent release “Music To Be Murdered By”.

“No Regrets” was produced by D.A.Doman and became one of the highlights of the record.

During his recent interview for Beats1 with Ebro, MC answered the questions about how this joint came up. Don seems to be happy about bagging a track with Eminem. “That’s one for the OGs”, he says.

Ebro noticed that he was caught off guard by this track but felt on high seeing Toliver’s name in the list. And that the questions followed: Where were you when the call came through? Who put you on Eminem’s radar? Who had the record first, you?

No, he sent it. I was in the Cactus Jack studio [when I got the call] and I was recording. We flipped that on that day quick. I think Em was already on tip with what I had going on but who really I think plugged the spot was D.A. Got That Dope. No cap. He was like, “Hey, we, Em and me, are here right now. We need it here right now!” That type of situation.

– How fast did you turn that thing around?

Fast. An hour. Two hours. And from there we were critiquing it.

Watch the video below