Eminem machete

Such shit happens, when you don´t learn MGK´s lesson. Our condolences, Nick, you´ve just ruined your hip-hop career.

“Lord Above”‘s supposed to be a big family reunion for loyal fans who’ve been waiting for such stuff for years, real good-old-days beats. And, also, good-old-days Eminem, who never gives up on people, has mentioned his name with detraction before.

Who could even imagine getting such reaction? Nobody did, including Eminem, we’re sure.

Probably, Nick had very little time for this track, we think it’s really below the mark.

So this is why we chose the worst bars off the track which are shameless and miserable. Which of them do you “like” most?

Call Kim, somebody get Hailie
And that other kid you raisin’, that ain’t even your baby (Daddy)

No..You can’t just leave it here.. Em never uses such things to show his excellence. This is awful to be rhymed about, his daughters are his reason for living, don’t be the 2nd MGK. Very stupid, though.

Suge called me the new ‘Pac

Really? The hell is that? Have no idea what is more absurd about it: Suge’s comparison with hip-hop legend (very, veeery wrong conclusion) or his “window-dressing” bullshit. You choose.

2009 Relapse Eminem machete

“Obsessed” came out in ’08 and you just puttin’ some out? (Damn)

Off the target. Again. “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey has been released on June 16, 2009. Not 2008. Please, use Google to search forehanded.

I do this shit for my real niggas, not the white boys tryna act black, on God / Shit, where he gon’ go? He just the new Vanilla Ice

“White not Black” – for so many times they used these two colors to show the “black hip-hop supremacy”. What is the reason? I guess Em encountered in his path way more people to show him his “inappropriate” color in this game. It gets boring. This is not about the color of skin, it’s all about “being or not being” able to rhyme like God. Do you have anything new to diss about?

We should tell the motherfuckers in Detroit he got twenty-four hours to respond or they need kick his ass out that mothafuckin’ city

They need what? Detroit Vs. Everybody , remember? Who is going to kick him out, man? Out of his own city? The silliest one, I guess 🙂 “He got twenty-four hours to respond” – no, man, such kind of shit isn’t even worth to be responded, sorry! Only if on Twitter though.

And just for your reference.. “The Invitation” music video on YouTube got more dislikes than likes (271K Vs 53K). This is what the total failure looks like.

So let’s support the video with more dislikes, guys.