In a month since we announced Eminem surpassing Bieber as most followed Spotify artist, all musicians gained new followers but top 5 have remained the same. Eminem keeps his place on the leader board with 34.8 million followers.

Justin Bieber did not get enough new followers to move up to top 5 even after his new album had been released. Ariana Grande’s gains were more significant than his. Eminem did not speed up and without releasing new record it would be difficult for him to move to a higher position, however, steadily growing numbers secure his place.

Here are top 10 most followed artists on Spotify as of today with the number of followers:

1. Ed Sheeran 63,629,379
2. Drake 46,501,406
3. Ariana Grande 45,619,270
4. Rihanna 37,243,649
5. Eminem 34,801,265
6. Justin Bieber 34,753,494
7. Taylor Swift 29,066,428
8. Imagine Dragons 26,920,386
9. Shawn Mendes 26,362,818
10. Billie Eilish 25,923,548