Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan grew up with Jay-Z, hangs out with Dr.Dre, did two movies with Ice Cube and played a hip-hop producer in a sitcom, so he is not a stranger to the culture, he claims.

Also, rap lyrics are full with references to him and his characters and Tracy Morgan breaks them down for Genius – from home, safely.

One of the songs that mention him is Eminem’s “Shady XV”:

Fell asleep watching Fear Factor and Scare Tactics
Too close to the StairMaster
Poked a hole in the air mattress and popped it

Tracy was pleased to see that:

Woah wow, he watched “Fear Factor” and “Scare Tactics”. “Scare Tactics” was great, man. I love it. Thank you, Eminem. I mean, you’re one of the top 5 in the world, man. Eminem. For him to mention the show that you hosted, awesome.

Watch the bit below: