Eminem Performs “Venom” from the Empire State Building! (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

T.I. Harris, a famed Atlanta hip-hop artist and a curator/founder of Trap Music Museum, published a long list of Top 50 Great hip-hop artists of all time. Eminem is included, but Eminem is included at number 7.

While the top place is reserved for 2 Pac, there are many names that do not seem completely in place:

1. Pac
2. Jay Z.
3. Biggie
4. Snoop
5. Kanye
6. Andre 3k
7. Eminem
8. Nas
9. Ice Cube
10. Lil Wayne

T.I. and his team stated that their list was

Based on the Rapper’s overall impact and influence to Rap culture. We aren’t JUST talking about best lyricist, most record sales, most streams, largest fan base or longevity, but we are talking about OVERALL IMPACT on this thing of ours…

There is no better way to stir things than to present the list of GOATs. T.I. knows it and after exposing this list to the world back in August, now he has sat down with his Trap Music Museum team and broke down every single position in the new episode of his podcast “ExpediTIously”.

Apparently, half of the cast does not listen to Eminem, but T.I. noted that they did a disservice to themselves and Eminem is a great lyricist. But the main point the entire cast agreed on is that Slim Shady, while had an impact, was not known in their world until Dr. Dre introduced him. “Slim Shady was a Detroit legend and everything but we did not really accept him until Dr. Dre produced him”, says one of the cast. It says more about you than Eminem, really.

See the whole list below: