Here is a FACT for you. Eminem has released an album in the first year of each decade.

Marshall released The Marshall Mathers LP in May of 2000 while Recovery was released in June of 2010. Could Shady be set for a Spring/Summer release? Well he certainly has previous.

The MMLP’s first single was released in April 2000. “The Real Slim Shady” sent shockwaves worldwide with its tongue and cheek lyrics and was a massive hit that year.

Meanwhile Recovery’s first single “Not Afraid” was also released in April of 2010. Once again the song did really well in the charts and 6 weeks later Recovery was unleashed.

It seems to be a certain pattern that him and the label have went for with both albums. They have went on to become majorly successful with critics and sales figures doing well even to this day.

A single in April and an Album in June could prove to be a good marketing strategy. It’s in the middle of the year and would be a perfect time to release a project.

New Year, New Decade, New Music