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Lifetime YouTube views as a lead artist vary between six nominees this year from 5.5 to 19.8 million.

Taylor Swift presents the biggest number of 19.8 views, almost four times as much as the least viewed artists in this cohort, Future, has in a bag.

The second to the top is Eminem with 17.1 million views that his official YouTube channel has gained since 2007.

Here are the numbers for each artist nominated for the Best Video of the Year at MTV VMAs 2020:

Taylor Swift 19,832,891,259 views
Eminem 17,139,327,531 views
The Weeknd 11,291,138,974 views
Lady Gaga 9,778,618,242 views
Billie Eilish 6,705,006,652 views
Future 5,527,154,401 views

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