A strange saxophone video titled “The Real Slim Shady” was uploaded to Eminem’s channel yesterday.

If you listen closely to it, then at the very end (from 4:10) you will hear a very quiet voice. It sounds like “Shady‘s back .” It is very difficult to recognize, but there really is something there.

Either this video was really uploaded by TuneCore by mistake, or Eminem continues to play with fans, hinting at a new solo album, a new track, or even a Bad Meets Evil album.

Nothing is confirmed! It’s just our observing and thoughts. In general, you should not read this “nonsense” … 🙂

Watch the video (Turn up the volume and listen to it very closely):

UPDATE: It seems like the video was uploaded to the Eminem’s channel by mistake. At the moment, the video is moved to a different topic, unrelated to Eminem, however, the title – ‘The Real Slim Shady’ – and a muffled voice in the end of it remain unchanged.