A colourful duo put out an extremely popular track that already breaks records for female lead songs. The video is doing even better and might change positions of current record-holders.

Eminem’s “Killshot” had been regarded as the most popular YouTube US debut until 6ixty9ine with a squad of scantily clad dancers dethroned video that was not even a video but an audio track uploaded on YouTube.

Cardi’s “WAP”, however, has gained over 49 million views in three days since its release and over 39 million of them came from the US. That means that by the end of the week, when “WAP” inevitably gains even more news, its position on the leader board can change.

Anyway, it still has over 10 million views to go as current numbers for the biggest YouTube US weeks of all-time are:

1. 6ixty9ine “GOOBA” – 51.5 million views
2. Eminem “Killshot” – 50.1 million views
3. Cardi B “WAP” feat. – 39.3 million views (so far)

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