Westside Gunn visited A Waste of Time podcast where he sat with the brothers ItsTheReal and talked about his life story and his growth as an artist, about building the Griselda brand and making deals with Shady Records and Roc Nation.

Discussing the Shady Records creative process and how many legendary and hot acts casually stop by, just giving out this vibe of living and breathing hip hop, the host compared it to a Rap Camp where you can learn and grow just from being there, and Westside Gunn agreed. He was especially keen to talk about DJ Alchemist’s involvement in creating his projects.

For his early records, Westside downloaded Alchemist’s beats and instrumentals, and now they work together. “Alchemist is the fifth member of Griselda, he is a brother”, says Westside Gunn.

Listen to this episode below: