Yelawolf came to The Lounge at radio station 101 WKQX. The programme where artists give live performances and honest answers to any question asked. Yelawolf was talking about the inspiration behind his music, about musicians he works with, about his path, which is bigger than his career, and also about Shady Records.

I think the best advice from my time at Shady was to trust myself, to walk away if I need to take time and to figure things out. To not always be like you have to answer the questions, to always show up. Spiritual, physical and mental health is something that people ignore lots of times in the music industry. As for an artist, all three of these are very taxing especially when you are an alcoholic. And I’m an alcoholic. With all those things combine. I had found myself in a really dark place and when shit hit the fan, Shady was right there, Paul Rosenberg was there, Tracy was there, Marshall was there and they helped me through it. I think that was bigger than music to me.

The songs he performed that evening were stripped down just the same as his answers.

Watch the full programme below: