Everybody remembers the song that opened a new world for them, every fan has a story about hearing the song that changed their life. So does Yelawolf and he shared this story in his recent interview:

The first time I heard Marshall was on a Rawkus mixtape. This is back when 411 [Video Magazine] skate videos was where I was getting a lot of underground Hip Hop. I’m talking VHS tape videos. There was a flood of hip-hop coming through… Somewhere through there, I heard Marshall, I was like, “Is that a white boy? That sounds like a white boy!” It wasn’t just the accent and the style, it was the content… I just started digging through to try and find more.

Yelawolf started rapping “Any Man (Fucking Crazy)” from last Eminem’s independent release “Rawkus Soundbombing 2 compilation” that impressed him so much:
‘Cause any man who would jump in front of a minivan
For twenty grand, a bottle of pain pills, and a minithin
Is fuckin’ crazy

And then he switched to “Role Model”:
Don’t you wanna grow up to be just like me?

It looked like he was transported back to the times when for the first time he could recognise himself in music, to hear the voice that expressed his concerns and experience:

That was it for me. I was like, “Urgh, this dude is nuts”. That was perfect. And I was so happy, like “Yessss, we’ve got one. We’ve got an ally”. I’ve always thought of Marshall as being an ally and hate most white rappers…”

Watch this segment below: