Here are some short notes about a super cool Yelawolf show in Saint-Petersburg. Watch a video with the best bits compilation and an incredible performance of “Best Friend”.

I’ve ticked a big box off. For a while now I wanted to get to Yelawolf show in style: to the first row, no fuss, no job, just to enjoy the show. I could not do it properly for years, something always got in the way: I was either busy with ePro/MHQ business, or focused on an interview, or late… It was my sixth attempt not to just be there and watch what I can from the back row. (😈) Fuck, his live performance is so dope! Michael is a badass and a real pro on stage. He can do everything at once: he demolishes the fucking stage and at the same time notices what is going on in the crowd and shares it with his team. He simultaneously spits his bars as fast as a machine gun, dances all over the stage, controls everything and even shows a photographer a good shooting point. I got high at this show. A2 was shaking that night. Everybody, not only his fans or music fans, would like this show. Because it is done artistically, professionally and with 101% commitment. Yelawolf gave his best and performed so many live tracks from his recent albums.

🔥 That was not just a show, that was a symbiotic connection between the artist and the audience, fans and guests, the connection that fed both ways. I was reminded once again that Saint-Pete has the best music crowd. The icing on the cake were special moments, unique for this particular night: Michael recorded a birthday message to his wife Fefe Dobson and made everyone sing with him, later he rapped an unreal version of “Best Friend” (you can find this video on channel 🤓). Watch this best bits compilation shot on shit no.11 (still happy about how it works at concert venues). 👊🏻🦾 Respect to everyone who was involved in organising this show! ГЛАВCLUB GREEN CONCERT, Slumerican, Zilla, DJ Artime. Photo report is coming to ePro soon. Our photographers had a field day 🐆

A detailed review is coming soon.

Here is Michael performing “Best Friend”. Note this crowd noise and how happy he is.