Наконец-то вышел самый первый коллаб двух легенд.

Прошло почти 20 лет с тех пор, как Нас выпустил «The Cross», трек с альбома «God’s Son», на котором Эминем числится автором песни. Теперь мы можем услышать, как два величайших игрока читают рэп на одной песне.

Эта коллаборация является продолжением «EPMD», трека, который Нас записал с одноименным дуэтом с Лонг-Айленда для альбома «Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album». Тем не менее, это, несомненно, новая веха в истории хип-хопа.

Куплет Эминема:

«Yeah, ready? EMPD, we’re back in business
Living in cramp conditions, we’ll give you ammunition
Got no shells? I got more shells like Taco Bell and I’m not gon’ fail
I got no elves like Christmas, you don’t wanna make the Claus come out
Y’all should call yourselves Santa (Why?)
‘Cause none of y’all are real, nah, not a single one
Like a dollar bill, it’s like your bitch on the pellet
She’s on the pill, we gotta bond and she’ll
Never bail on me, not even outta jail
EMPD, homie, I gots no chills
Just a lot of skrill
Lady, my paper’s so crazy, I just tossed a mill’ out the window
Of my mobile on the fucking freeway on the way here
Like Rudolph and his homies when they pullin’ the sleigh, yeah
It’s a lot of bucks flyin’, when I’m makin’ it rain, dear
Green on me, but no weed shorty, I just sneezed, darling
No pockets full of pills, sold my Tylenol
Three solids, for three molly
This summer eve which reminds me of rap summary
Mami, my theme song, me and Pete
Always use to play that shit on repeat all day
So please call me “Big Daddy”
Plus I got the cane and lean on me
It seems I’m eatin’ you B-I-T-C-H-E-S like tortilla chips
Me, I’m free up to green like chias on chia pets
This is the effects of my whole neighborhood
Misery index, poverty, it is people staling and PTSG
I guess, R.I.P. out to DMX, Jeez Louis and MC Ecstasy
And Biz Markie B, and do my hit 50 via text
‘Cause I don’t even know when I’ma see ’em text
Tomorrow could be death
Yeah, and this shit ain’t for the faint
The brains of the train kill the danger
Derange and I drink all the ink on the blank paper
And wait ’til the page fill up on pinks
Full of shame for the strength of the pain, pour the drink
I just pray for the day when I’m able to say
That I’m place with the greats and my name’s with the Kanes and the Waynes and the Jays and the Dres and the Yes
And the Drakes and the Jakes and the Jade, it’s Cool J
The rhymes are amazing, the schnazz is embracing the Gods
That shout out to the golden age of hip hop and the name of this song is-«

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