Eminem and Hailie

Eminem and Hailie

Вчера, 19 июня, в США и некоторых других странах отмечали праздник «День Отца». По такому случаю мы решили сделать подборку треков, которые рэперы посвятили своим детям.

Atmosphere – «Something So…»

Альбом: «The Family Sign» (2011)
«These tears I have are cause I can’t wait to hear you laugh»

Royce Da 59 – «Life»

Альбом: «Rock City» (2002)
«Cause life, something that people take for granted
As time passes, you gon want something back
But you won’t get it cause history’s made every second
So you crave every lesson and save every blessin’
No matter how you view the world yo, you never will get it
The world’ll be the world through the eyes of whoever is in it

Xzibit – «Foundation»

Альбом: «At The Speed Of Life» (1996)
«You’s a breath of fresh air in this world of shit»

«I was anxious as fuck to see your face shine
Only to find that yours looked like mine
So it’s like I’m livin’ twice at the exact same time
In this life you can’t press stop
Then press rewind

Joell Ortiz – «Bad Santa»

Альбом: «human.» (2015)
«It’s that look on his face when he’s happy that makes me proud to be daddy
When he runs over and grabs me, filled with true joy

Eminem – «Hailie’s Song»

Альбом: «The Eminem Show (2003)

«Cause sometimes it feels like the world’s almost over
But then she comes back to me

«There’s no more reason to cry no more
I got my baby, baby the only lady that I adore, Hailie
So sayonara, try tommorrow, nice to know ya
Our baby’s traveled back to the arms of her rightful owner
And suddenly it seems like my shoulder blades have just shifted
It’s like the greatest gift you can get, the weight has been lifted

Eminem – «Mocking Bird»

Альбом: «Encore» (2004)

«All I ever wanted to do was just make you proud
Now I’m sittin’ in this empty house, just reminiscing
Looking at your baby pictures, it just trips me out

Nas – «Daughters»

Альбом: «Life’s Good» (2012)
«And I ain’t trying to mess your thing up
But I just wanna see you dream up
I finally understand
It ain’t easy to raise a girl as a single man
Nah, the way mothers feel for they sons
How fathers feel for they daughters
When he date, he straight, chip off his own papa
When she date, we wait behind the door with the sawed off
‘Cause we think no one is good enough for our daughters

Crypt The Warchild – «Nicko»

Альбом: «Outerspace – God’s Fury» (2008)
«When you came into my life you changed my world
You made an impact on everything you made me thoro
I learned to appreciate what a blessing is

Follow my footsteps; I will walk you thru it
When you stuck and feel alone, I will talk you thru it
When other people say they can’t, I can do it
Do anything you ask Papi, I can prove it

Nicko my baby boy you are my everything
And I’mma ride for you put that on anything
You are my life, my world, that’s my everything

Maffew Ragazino – «Isis»

Альбом: «Rhyme Pays» (2011)
«I love her more than i love life, Isis my daughter
Play that song so she’ll know how i feel for her

Yukmouth – «Life Father Like Son»

Альбом: «Thugged Out, The Abulation» (1998)
«Look in yo eyes
An I see, the reflection of me
My little guy
Thank the Lord for blessin me wit a seed

Saigon – «Fatherhood (Rayne Dior)»

Альбом: «Warning Shots 2W (2009)
«I wanted a boy, but you came. But no pleasure measure the joy you bring»

«And it might sound cliché, but I’m loving you much more each day
Even though me and mother don’t click, if it benefits you, I’ll do whatever she say
That’s fatherhood. You my proof that God is good
And when the day turn gray, I ain’t staying away—I’m just praying to God it would
Rain on me

Nas – «Me And You (Dedicated To Destiny)»

Альбом: «Street’s Disciple» (2004)
«I’d like to dedicate this one here, to my star
Someone I cherish, she loves me unconditionally
No matter what, our love will always be here for you baby
So from God, he gave me this gift, you
And I give you this, the world

Outspoken – «For My Son»

Альбом: «Late Night Trio Mixtape» (2011)
«I miss the way my son smile when he saw me, barely holding on but i was trying to hold on to him»

Macklemore – «Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)»

Альбом: «This Unruly Mess I’ve Made» (2016)

The Game – «Life Father Like Son»

Альбом: «The Documentary» (2005)
«My son’s ultrasound the closest I ever been to heaven»

Ja Rule – «Daddy’s Little Baby»

Альбом: «Venni Vetti Vecci»
«Daddy loves you, don’t let nobody tell you different
What I, do for a living is a talent I’m given
And I’mma raise you too black too strong beautiful

«When I look in yo eyes I see stars»

«You the reason why I keep the hundreds under the ones
And go through rain sleet and snow to kiss the sun

The Game – «Life Father Like Son 2»

Альбом: «The Documentary 2» (2015)
«I asked him what he want for his birthday, he said to spend some time
So we kick it, that’s my best friend, I don’t have to get married
He still my best man, and that’s forever
Anybody can be a daddy, just bust a nut and leave
But I’m a father, and I’ma be everything he need and more